Giovanni Zenatello. Verona 2-2-1876 - New York 11-2-1949

Un dì felice. de la Ópera La Traviata. Giuseppe Verdi. Grabación acústica Milán 1903 interpretada por Giovanni Zenatello con acompañamiento de piano. G&T 52712.Mat 3140 Rii

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sturla dijo...

Thank you very much for Zenatello.
Could you also upload Maria Gay's files one day, just to unite the family? Dalila's aria would be particularly welcome.

Once again, thank you for posting your treasures and for your transfers.

Collectors 78 rpm dijo...

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately I do not have this recording but soon I will upload the blog Final duet from Bizet's opera Carmen: Sei Tu? whit Maria G.Gay and G.Zenatello.Thanks again for your interest in the blog.

Stefan dijo...

Hello everybody. Welcome to my blog - forgottenoperasingers.blogspot.com
My name is Ashot Arakelyan, I’m a private record collector. This blog is for those, who is interested in an art of forgotten old opera singers.